Acm Duolys.ce Anti Aging Serum

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Night serum for anti-aging with 15% of pure vitamin C and vitamin E

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Acm Duolys.ce Anti Aging Serum

About Product

  • Intensive anti-ageing serum
  • Thanks to a comprehensive combination of potent active substances, this serum combats various signs of ageing and protects against free radicals. For people over the age of 40 years.
  • Its compartmentalized double formula enables duolys hyal to simultaneously combat all signs of ageing, with emphasis on firmness and moisturization.
  • The 5% pure vitamin c, combined with vitamin e and hyaluronic acid, blocks the action of free radicals, reinforces collagen production, moisturizes and revives complexion's radiance.
  • To preserve its stability, the vitamin c is isolated in a protective compartment.
  • Each active substance delivers the full power of its anti-ageing action on the face, neck and décolleté, while remaining gentle on the more fragile skins.
  • The complexion is unified and radiant, wrinkles fade, the face is more beautiful.

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