Revigen Shampoo For Men 250ml

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Revigen Shampoo for men is a specially formulated and dermatologically tested anti-hair loss shampoo for fine and thinning hair. Revigen Shampoo for men creates a clean and nutrient rich environment for controlling hair loss and healthy hair growth.

Revigen Shampoo for men creates a healthy environment for your scalp and hair. The rich active ingredients of Revigen Shampoo for men help promoting properly conditioned hair and scalp. Revigen Shampoo for men for men gently cleans the scalp. It removes sebum, oil from hair and prevents dandruff. When used regularly Revigen Shampoo for men also helps improve scalp condition. When your scalp conditioned properly, it is easier to have your hair back.

Product description

Revitalising Anti Hair Loss Shampoo for Men. The unique formula of Revigen Shampoo For Men designed specially for male pattern hair loss. Revigen Shampoo For Men creates a clean and nutrient rich environment for healthy hair and promotes properly conditioned hair and scalp. Revigen Shampoo for Men nourishes the hair follicle, prevents dandruff and make hair fuller and thicker.

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