Difa Cooper Etas Derma Roller

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Etas Derma roller with 540 titanium needles (0.3 mm) is a skin care device used to help rejuvenate the skin, treat acne scarring, and reduce signs of aging


What is dermaroller
It is a medical tool used to remove facial wrinkles, strong acne effects, as well as pores, white and red stretch lines, and burn effects.
It contains acupuncture needles made of titanium, which contains 540 needles
It is only passed on the skin causing mild pain, but it stimulates the body's immune system and stimulates it so that it generates new cells
It is better to use the device with vitamin C serum or hyaluronic acid
Derma roller mechanism
Derma Roller stimulates the natural collagen present in your skin, which rejuvenates the skin and gives it a wonderful and fresh appearance in the fastest time and with minimal effort and cost.
Derma roller form
The head of a derma roller is similar to a roller. This roller contains hundreds of small and precise needles, which stimulate collagen production. The rest of the body is a long handle with a streamlined design to enable you to use it easily.
Machine benefits
Getting rid of wrinkles
(area around the eye)
Stimulating collagen production
Getting rid of skin scars
Getting rid of acne scars
Skin pigmentation treatment
Treat the skin and give you glasses and whiteness
Treatment of pimples and mild scars
Reducing fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles.
Rejuvenation and skin tightening
Prevent premature aging
Promote the absorption of skin care products such as collagen
Increased concentration of collagen in the skin
Lighten dark spots and skin imperfections
Remove traces of deep wounds
Used around the eyes and face

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