Esi Aloe Fresh Menta Crystal Gel Toothpaste Offer (menta Crystal100ml+mouth Wash 500ml +wow Charcoal Toothbrush Free)

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It contains refreshing silica concentrated menthol MICROCRYSTALS that completely dissolve in your mouth while brushing your teeth, giving you intense feeling of lasting freshness. Additionally, the microcrystals have a built-in cleaning action that is non-irritating for the gums and gentle on tooth enamel.

The retardation action in this mouthwash reduces plaque, bad breath and also protects the gums and prevents tooth decay. It’s formulated using natural ingredients without saccharin, fluoride, SLS and parabens. The added Propolis and Xylitol prevents bacterial growth, leaving you with fresh breath. The Aloe Vera is a naturally soothing ingredient. It contains no alcohol, will not burn your mouth and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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