Esi Aloe Fresh Smile Gel Toothpaste Offer (smile100ml+smoker Toothbrush Free)

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JOD 4.50

This toothpaste contains Natural substances, and has a unique combination of natural active ingredients that naturally whiten and brighten your smile.
The soft MICROSPHERES in the toothpaste contain Aloe Vera, known for its regenerating and soothing properties, and guarantee perfect maintenance.
The brushing action with the toothbrush (while brushing your teeth) causes these MICROSPHERES to open up and release their natural ingredients, which allows for immediate effectiveness. The MICROSPHERES are soft and pulpy sphere cells, therefore, they don’t scratch the surface of the teeth and don’t damage the tooth enamel.
This product contains Xylitol, a natural non-cariogenic sweetener that has the special quality of not fermenting when coming in contact with oral bacteria available in the mouth, therefore, it doesn’t allow for acids to form that corrode tooth enamel.

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