Isis Neotone Gel 150ml

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The cleansing and exfoliating gel of the NEOTONE® range cleanses the skin deeply to restore an even complexion and brings a feeling of freshness on a daily basis.


It is enriched with 5 powerful active ingredients with exfoliating and lightening properties to help reduce spots and make the complexion more even
- Natural exfoliating beads combined with AHAs such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid and ascorbic acid to exfoliate, smooth skin texture, and stimulate cell renewal
- Liquorice extract that helps reduce pigmentation spots and even out the complexion
- Moisturizing agents to bring softness to the skin


How to Use

Apply NEOTONE® Gel morning and evening to a damp face and neck, massaging gently into your skin in a circular motion.  Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

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