Novexpert The Instant Lifting Serum 30ml

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An astonishing Serum: in just 5 minutes, the features are smoothed and in 14 days the complexion is visibly brighter, with a super-concentrated formula of active ingredients anti-ageing for the long term. A property confirmed by professional make-up artists who have adopted it on film sets.

100% natural - Vegan & Organic
A strong concentration of active
Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women


Apply to the face in small strokes starting from the midline and working upwards towards the temples. A small amount of product is sufficient. Do not wait between the application of the Instant Lifting Serum and your cream. Leave 5 minutes between the application of the Lifting Serum and your make-up.
Frequency of application: morning and/or evening.

What else?

This treatment can also be applied in a targeted manner: wrinkles around the lips, naso-labial fold. Or on a one-off basis: before a party, in case of jet lag, in the morning after a short night, to sublimate a make-up ...


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