Olaplex Conditioner No. 5 250ml

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OLAPLEX Bond Maintenance Conditioner Nº5 250ml is a highly-moisturizing formula that promises to protect and repair damaged hair. As a matter of fact, this reparative conditioner proves to be effective when it comes to fighting split ends, frizz, dullness and dryness. Even more, this is a color-safe formula that will not add any weight to your hair while infusing it with restorative benefits. The result? Light and overall healthier hair that displays more shine and manageability.

All of these benefits are possible thanks to the presence of the patented OLAPLEX Bond Building Technology in the formula. This exclusive system uses a single molecule (Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate) to restore disulfide bonds, which are responsible for maintaining hair structure, strength and also stability. There are millions of these bonds in our hair and, once they break, damage such as split ends, dryness, frizz or dullness appears. With this concern in mind, OLAPLEX has created a special technology that repairs the hair from the inside out.

How to use
After shampooing, apply an appropriate amount of OLAPLEX Bond Maintenance Conditioner Nº5 250ml to damp hair. Use a generous amount of formula, spreading it evenly from scalp to tip. Then let it act for about three minutes. Finish by rinsing thoroughly. Complement its use with other products from the same range in order to obtain optimal results.

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