Sebamed Anti Stretch Mark Cream 200ml

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Sebamed Anti-Stretch Mark Cream helps to both reduce and prevent the appearance of stretch marks. By allowing your skin's connective tissue to adapt along with your changing body, ingredients like natural avocado oil and shea butter care for and protect your skin.


Triple soft formula to help prevent and reduce stretch marks during and after pregnancy or weight gain/loss. The pH value of 5.5 supports the function of the biological acid mantle. Stretch marks are the result of accelerated stretching of the connective tissue associated with rapid growth or weight gain, for instance with pregnancy. This triple soft formula enhances your skins elasticity as well as giving optimal support. This incomparable combination of active ingredients reinforce the connective tissue's capacity to adapt to the changing body volume and preventing structural damage. Use after cleansing with a good quality pH balanced cleanser such as Sebamed Face & Body Wash or Sebamed Olive Body Wash.

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