Difa Cooper Sebogard Elle

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Difa Cooper Sebogard Elle


Adjuvant cream for treating acne in adult women.

Based on Chelisin, an innovative tripeptide complex, and Iris Florentine, it helps improve skin problems such as pimples, typical of acne-prone skin resulting from hormonal changes in adult women; it also helps to prevent the oxidation of fatty acids from the skin’s sebum, improving its quality. The presence of Iris Florentina, enriched with Aluminum, Vitamin A and Zinc, helps to exfoliate and smooth the skin, without damaging already affected and delicate skin.

Apply once or twice a day on the affected areas. Massage gently to help absorption. We recommend using a topical photoprotector during the day (at least SPF 30).

Not allowed to be used by pregnant women.


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