Svr Cicavit Creme Spf50+ 40ml

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JOD 17

Face & body soothing, protective, reparative sunscreen for scars, wounds and tattoos.

Suitable from newborn.

SVR Cicavit + SPF50+ Scar ,Wound & Tattoo Precision Protection Sunscreen is ideal for anyone with damaged, irritated or hyper-sensitized skin resulting from anything ranging from post-surgical scarring, cuts, grazes, tattoos or even hormonally-induced pigmentation. This compromised skin is immediately more vulnerable and photosensitive, and therefore prone to further damage if exposed to sunlight. Cicavit+'s high-performance sunscreen safeguards the skin while simultaneously providing relief from irritation in the short term and promoting longer-term skin-healing.

Apply generously and evenly to clean and dry skin before sun exposure. Repeat application frequently to maintain protection, especially after sweating, swimming or towel-drying.
For external use only

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